Community Services Department

Community Services Department is one of the key departments geared towards the advancement of meaningful Service Delivery Objectives and Outcomes within uMkhanyakude District Municipality. As a department within the municipality, Community Services Department also subscribes to the National and Provincial Integrated Service Delivery Plans and Priorities as outlined accordingly.

Strategically, Community Services Department is best suited for the municipality to achieve the three main National and Provincial priorities, that is, Leading and Sustaining semi-Urban and Rural Development, Promoting sustainable change in Socio-Economic Relations and Healthy lifestyle and Promoting Good Governance and Nation Building. Within the ambit of Community Services Department there is Social Development Unit. This Unit is primarily responsible for the advancement and improvement of the Social-Wellbeing and Socio-Economic status of the entire population of the District.

Below are the IDP programmes and project for the Social Development Unit under Community Services Department at uMkhanyakude district Municipality.

a) Focus Areas
Social Development Unit administers Arts and Culture, Sports and Recreation, Youth, Gender, Children, Disability, Senior Citizens, and Implementation, Cemetery Plan and Implementation and related facilities as part of the day-to-day programmes and projects for the department. There are also intergovernmental and other special programmes or projects that the unit also handles as per the need and Work Breakdown Structure of the Municipality.

The implementation and proper monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects as outlined in the Departmental Business Plan and the municipal SDBIP will be the high focus area for the Department and also Social Development Unit. This will undoubtedly lead to the achievement of the desired outcomes as outlined within the three spheres of governance.

b) Overall Objective
The overall objective of the department is derived from the Municipal Vision and Mission which clearly states and sets targets for development objectives of the Municipality. uMkhanyakude District Municipality Community Services Department will continuously strive for the provision of the improved and better socio-economic services to the entire population of the district, hence contributing directly to national building.

c) Available Resources
The departmental organogram clearly outlines the available resources and the capacity that the department has to carry out its mandatory task. The integrated approach in delivering services is also another strong tool that the department employs in its planning, implementation and assessment phases. The National and Provincial support programmes and the relative departments within the municipality also provide a wide range of resources for the sustainable development of the population and resources within the District Municipality

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