Service Delivery


PERIOD: 2016-2017


Projects Types

A. Focused on the provision and maintenance of infrastructure with regards to:
1. human settlements
2. water,
3. electricity,
4. sanitation, and
5. roads;

B. Leading and sustaining urban and rural development;
C. Promoting sustainable change in social and economic relations;
D. Leveraging corridor development and rehabilitation of small town;
E. Geared towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals;
F. Geared towards massive job creation and local economic development;
G. Promoting Integration of Planning and Development (IDP’s);
H. Aligned to (or Localising) Provincial and National priorities;
I. Promoting sustainability of the environment; and
J. Promoting Good Governance, Institutional Development and Financial Viability


PGDS Goals

1. Job Creation
2. Human Resource Development
3. Human and Community Development
4. Strategic Infrastructure
5. Environmental Sustainability
6. Governance and Policy
7. Spatial Equity


14 National Outcome Delivery Agreements

Project Types

Outcome 1: Improved quality of basic education;
Outcome 2: A long and healthy life for all South Africans
Outcome 3: All South Africans should be and feel safe;
Outcome 4: Decent Employment through Inclusive Economic Growth;
Outcome 5: A skilled and capable workforce to support and inclusive growth path;
Outcome 6: An efficient, competitive and responsive economic infrastructure network;
Outcome 7: Vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities with food security for all.
Outcome 8: Sustainable Human Settlements and Improved Quality of Household Life
Outcome 9: A responsive, accountable, effective and efficient Local Government System.
Outcome 10: environmental assets and natural resources that are valued, protected and continually enhanced
Outcome 11: Create a better South Africa and contribute to a better and safer Africa and World;
Outcome 12: An efficient, effective and development oriented Public Service and An empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship;
Outcome 13: Inclusive and responsive social protection system; and
Outcome 14: Transforming society and uniting the country.

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swater 2The use of hosepipes from municipal supply mains • Watering of gardens • Filling of swimming pools • Washing of motor vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc. • Washing of paths, paved areas and roads • The use of irrigation/sprinkler systems • Automatic flushing urinals - these shall be turned off in all public buildings when vacated and prohibited in new buildings The municipality urges all residents within the district to please use water sparingly. Thank You!


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