Special Projects

· Since SMMEs contribute to job creation, there is an opportunity, particularly in the tourism
sector to increase support and encourage SMMEs.

· Improved service delivery would also speed up development and enable economic investment
in the area.

· Jozini Dam is a major source of drinking water, irrigation water for agriculture, and a catalyst
for urban development and economic growth. It is also a source of renewable energy (hydropower).

· N2, R22 and R66 - provide opportunities for growth and economic stimulation in the economy.

· Umkhanyakude District Municipality is South Africa’s nearest access point into Mozambique and
is also close to Swaziland. This provides opportunity for tourism and other economic activity
both directly and from spillovers.

· There are identified economic opportunities to tourism and agriculture to the uMkhanyakude
economy, with current projects and implementation plans already in place.