Mayors Office

Message from the Mayor

Dear Friends

As Mayor of the Umkhanyakude District Municipality I would like to take this opportunity to greet everyone within the UKDM.

The district and its entire leadership collectively are geared up to addressing the challenges facing our people. With the limited resources at our disposal, we hope to change the lives of our people for the better, as we are charged with the responsibility to reduce poverty and fast track service delivery. Umkhanyakude District Municipality is made up of five local municipalities - Umhlabuyalingana Municipality, Jozini Municipality, The Big 5 False Bay Municipality, Hlabisa Municipality and Mtubatuba Municipality. Working together as a family of municipalities we have committed ourselves to improving service delivery and reducing poverty.

I am proud to announce the establishment of the recent historical planning commission in Mtubatuba in June that will serve as a platform for local communities, businesses and the tourism sector to contribute positively towards the development of this region. A recent project achievement has been the establishment of taps for 11 communities in the Umkhanyakude district. This has changed the lives of many and is just the beginning
stages of improving service delivery. I hope that this newsletter will give us the platform to interact with the
community as well as an opportunity to the delivery of services. Together with your help, we want to positively change our municipalities and improve the lives of people in UKDM.

– Cllr. SJ Vilane.
Mayor (Umkhanyakude District Municipality)