Our indigenous knowledge, Our Heritage: "Towards the identification, promotion and preservation of South Africa's Living Heritage"

South Africa annually celebrates the month of September as Heritage Month. Protecting our Living Heritage is essential for South Africans to have an identity that they can be proud to maintain, practice and promote. Our customs, languages, traditions and values are priceless inheritances which reflects our beautiful country.

Together we can heal the divisions of our past and embrace our diversity, by harnessing the uniqueness of our shared heritage to help build a country that is reflective of all South Africans. Umkhanyakude District Municipality encourages all the people within its district to challenge themselves, in preserving our cultural heritage resources. Our Living Heritage is important in sustaining our economic

development especially through tourism as people will travel from all over the world to witness our beautiful traditions, customs and culture.


Cultural identity encourages social solidarity and Umkhanyakude District Municipality, celebrates our rainbow nation and urges our communities to take pride in their heritage to move South Africa forward.