Municipal Manager

New Municipal Manager for Umkhanyakude District


Umkhanyakude District Municipality has appointed Mr M Mzimela as the new Municipal Manager for the District Municipality in a special council meeting held recently.


This critical post is vital to ensure the seamless functioning of the municipality.

During the appointment the council emphasised that the official should lead processes towards the municipality’s commitment to have clean audit outcomes by 2016.
Mr Mzimela’s vast experience combined in various management positions will add great value to the uMkhanyakude District Municipality. Mr Mzimela has been an Executive Committee Councillor of the uThungulu District Municipality since 2004 till 2014; he has served in the union structures of the print and paper industries and he is currently a board member of Umhlathuze Water Board. He holds various qualifications in the following fields.
BA honours in Public Administration (University of Zululand),
B.Tech in Management (Durban University of Technology
(BSU) and a Higher National Diploma (University of Free State)
Mr Mzimela comes from Hlabisa and he is passionate about service deliver. In his first 50 days in office he has already signed an agreement with National Department of Water Affairs and Umhlathuze Water. The agreement consist of R 1.6 Billion to improve water infrastructure and to deliver water to uMkhanyakude residents, this is a major victory for uMkhanyakude. He was able to secure funding of about R 2 million for EPWP programme which will stimulate job creation and self-dependency.
Through Mr Mzimela expertise working together with Chief Financial Officer Mr M.S. Dlamini and other Heads of Departments, Mr Mzimela said the plan has been presented to the council and the leadership will be able to track it to ensure that uMkhanyakude get clean audit.
It is common knowledge that in some municipalities’ challenges will arise and tackling this requires a differentiated approach.
“I have been appointed as the Municipal Manager of the esteemed Umkhanyakude District Municipality. I am humbled by the appointment. I also acknowledged the role played by my predecessor, for allowing a smooth transition. I look forward to working with the Mayor, Mayoral Committee, all Councillors and staff of the UKDM to speed up service delivery, ensure service excellence in all our operations, drive economic growth, trade and investment, put people first and together build better communities” said Mr Mzimela.